Beit Ommar

We arrived in Beit Ommar at sunset so there was little time to photograph. Had we arrived earlier, I might have taken a picture of the white truck parked on the road between the edge of this orchard and the nearby Israeli settlement. The town residents who brought us here told us there is a settler (whose name they know) who sits in the truck day in and day out, and shoots at them if they try to harvest their fruit too close to the boundary. Villagers are asking for help – people who are willing to come and help them harvest their fruit, because the settlers are less likely to shoot if “internationals” are there.

Another picture I did not take: empty tear gas and sound bomb canisters scattered on the soil of the orchard. There had been a demonstration just the day before, on the villagers’ own land, yet the IDF came and used crowd control techniques against them.

Recently, Jewish settlers came into the town’s mosque in the middle of the night, accompanied by the IDF, to claim the mosque for Jewish use. The settlers in Beit Ommar are particularly aggressive and have recently come into the town and shot and killed teenagers.

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