Q: Why did you make this blog?

A: I made this blog because many people I spoke to before and after my trip to the West Bank were curious about it, and expressed a desire to know more. I got a range of reactions to news of my trip, from approval to fear to confusion: “You’re so brave,” “You’re taking the trip I’ve always wanted to take,” “I want to visit Israel but won’t go until they start treating the Palestinians better,” “Should you call it Palestine?” and, overwhelmingly, “What is it like?”. This blog is intended mainly for those friends and acquaintances who already know me and my work, both to simply share what I saw, and also to share my understanding of how the Israeli occupation of Palestine affects movement and driving.

I was there for almost two weeks in the middle of December 2010.

Q: What about the other point of view?

A: The other point of view is everywhere in the newspapers and media, and I do not believe it needs to be restated here.  But it is important for readers to know that just after my stay in Beit Sahour, I went to Tel Aviv to visit family, and would never have gone to the West Bank if it were not for them. The second half of my trip was just as important as the first, though very different, and basically private.

Q: Will there be new posts?

A: I don’t know. I have found that my thinking and writing about my trip are taking a long time. I’m basically done but I may update if new thoughts emerge. This blog was intended as a one-shot effort. Viewers are welcome to post and share, but I don’t intend to actively moderate it.

Q: May I copy images or text?

A: All images, video and writing © Marina Berio 2010 and 2011 except where noted otherwise.  Reproduction is granted for educational and humanitarian purposes only.  For all other usage please contact the author.

Q: Is the blog in chronological order?

A: No, the posts are listed in the order in which I made them, with most recent first plus the sticky post at the top. If anyone knows how to reorganize the order of the posts, please let me know! And please do not miss the older posts, you must go into the archives to read them.